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About Data Table Editor and Generator

A Simple Data Table Editor and Test Data Generator.

Free to use and Open source.

Main Editor Features:

  • Load Data into an editable Data Grid
  • Sort and Filter Data in the grid
  • Filter globally across all fields
  • Edit data in the grid itself
  • Add new columns
  • Rename Columns
  • Re-order columns
  • Re-order rows
  • Export Data to files
  • Add new rows to the table
  • Delete selected rows from the table
  • Edit as text and import into the data grid

Import/Output Features:

  • Import Markdown Tables for editing
  • Import CSV files for editing
  • Import JSON files for editing
  • Import Gherkin tables for editing
  • Export Data Grid as Markdown
  • Export Data Grid as CSV
  • Export Data Grid as JSON
  • Export Data Grid as Gherkin Table format
  • Export Data Grid as HTML
  • Export Data as File
  • Export Data to Clipboard
  • Drag and Drop files to import data

Test Data Generation Features

  • Define Columns in an editable Grid
  • Define Test Data as Regular Expressions
  • Define Test Data using Faker.js functions
  • No limit to the number of rows you can generate

Built by Alan Richardson


[github source]