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AnyWayData - Data Table Editor & Generator

Edit and Generate Test Data in Your Browser

Easy to Use

The Data Table Editor is designed to be easy to use and uses AG Grid's Community Edition Data Grid to create an intuitive editing experience. You can create and edit data in the grid and "Set Test From Grid" to view data in your chosen format. Or paste data into the text area and "Set Grid From Text". You can even import and export from files.

Import and Export Data

Any Data Grid of data can be converted to multiple table formats e.g. Markdown, CSV, Gherkin, JSON and plain HTML. These formats can all be exported to and converted between. It is possible to import Markdown, CSV, Gherkin and JSON for editing the data.

Random Data Generation

You can Generate random data in a Data Grid to use for testing. Simply configure a test data schema and choose from predefined random formats or write your field value description as a RegEx. Generate as many rows as your computer can handle. Want 1000 records? Easy. 100,000? Easy. 1,000,000 sure, it might take 30 seconds or so, but if your computer can handle it, we can generate it.

Generate Test Data Using Faker

It is possible to easilty generate random data into the Data Grid for editing or export.