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Moved to

· One min read
Alan Richardson

The deployed version of the application has moved to it's own domain of

Since I've started adding documentation, creating more tests and refactoring the code I decided to move the app to a hosting server and give it a custom domain.

After much searching and head scratching to see what available domains were suitable, I stumbled on the concept of "Any Way".

You can:

  • edit the data "Any Way" in the data grid or in the text area
  • convert the data in "Any Way" by converting between Markdown, CSV, JSON, Gherkin and HTML
  • auto generate the data in "Any Way" using Regex and Faker formats

And the plan is to expand these ways in the future.

This hopefully avoids the trap of the application:

  • just being seen as table data editor
  • just being seen as a test data generator
  • just being seen as a data format convertor

Because while it is all of those things, it is not 'just' one of those things.

The code is still open source, I've just given it a domain to make it easier to find and remember.