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Delimited Options

The configuration options for Delimited data sets are listed below. These are similar to CSV but are more flexible because you can control the delimiter value.


The Delimiter select option offers a choice of the most common delimiters. A Select drop down is used because some values like Tab can be hard to input in a form.

Choose from:

  • Tab [\t]
  • Comma [,]
  • Hash [#]
  • Colon [:]
  • Pipe [|]
  • Space [ ]
  • Semicolon [;]
  • Slash [/]
  • Slash [\]
  • Custom Value

The Custom Value option should be chosen when you want to use the value entered as the Custom input.


The Custom text area allows you to enter any delimiter that you want. This can be a multi-character input, you are not restricted to a single character.

Use Quotes

The Use Quotes options allows you to configure when quotes are added to the values:

  • when checked, then every value in the delimited file will be wrapped with quotes
  • when unchecked, the only values containing quotes or the delimiter will be wrapped with quotes

Use Header

Use Header configures if the row header will be added to the first line of the delimited file or not.

Quote Char

The Quote Char option configures the quote character to use.

By default this will be " but some tools may prefer ', and if so you can reconfigure the output.

Escape Char

The Escape Char option configures the character that will be used in front of the Quote Char when the Quote Char is present in the value.

Most of the time this will be the same as the Quote Char itself, but you may need to configure it to \ or some other value for other tools.